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Intensive mentoring for all cat partners

Find out the secret of your true relationship and get into the dream partnership with your cat!

Overcome the problems with your cat, even if you have already tried everything. You’ll find more than off-the-shelf solutions here.

An individual 1:1 premium online mentoring for people who want an intimate and stable relationship full of trust with their cat


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A happy and joyful life together with your beloved cats. Your big chance!

Intensive mentoring for all cat partners

Cat lovers will manage:


Expand cat knowledge in depth so that you intuitively understand your cat and your relationship is wonderful.


Understand your own cat holistically from the ground up, so that you have an awareness of the individual behavior and preferences of your cat and can respond even better to her needs.


To fundamentally sharpen personal awareness of conflicts in the cat household in order to manage stressful situations with your cats with love and with cat knowledge.


Get the Helicopter View and take a healthy distance from difficult situations with the cats in order to be able to take targeted action.


Change your awareness for your cat, recognise the true essence of her being and thus live a new level of your happy and harmonious partnership.

Welcome, we will work on it!

And working with cats and being together is really fun!

Together we climb to the next level in this brand new programme:

INDIVIDUAL: Only you, human and cat!


Cat psychology: Intensive mentoring


Harmonious and joyful togetherness with the dearest cats

Cat partners experience how to understand their special and unique cat holistically in order to live a harmonious and joyful relationship at eye level. At the same time, your own spiritual growth will reach a new level, your awareness will be sharpened and you will be even more closely connected with your cat! Wonderful!


Mastering hopeless situations with your own cats

Cat partners experience on the basis of deep and far-reaching knowledge for their cat, how even in hopeless situations, the helicopter view can be taken to come into full own power with his cat, to rediscover the inner self again and at the same time to take the view of his heart cat to understand it completely.


A cat relationship, free from guilt and hopelessness.

You will experience self-assurance, free from doubts, hopelessness and guilt, while always remaining solution-focused in love, even when you are currently stressed with your cat.


Understanding your cat, conscious togetherness

Every hurdle with your cat is met with ease and without fear, sovereignly in love.
Happiness and relaxation, no matter what the situation, your coexistence is aware and what is unique and special is what it really and truly is.


I am infinitely glad that I booked the intensive coaching with Susanne three months ago

She has opened my eyes in many areas, so that the relationship between me and my male cat is more relaxed again and therefore more intense. His original trust in me is back again 🙂

Not only the counselling alone, but also the treatment with classical homeopathy has helped my cat – and thus also me – a lot.

I was able to open up well to Susanne, which I don’t manage to do with many people. In addition, I learned a lot not only about my cat, but also about myself, which helps me in life itself. I would do it again at any time 🙂

Renate with Simba
Indiv. 12 weeks intensive coaching

I have to admit that I was initially sceptical about bringing a psychologist for cats into my house. I immediately thought of hocus-pocus.

Since the birth of our daughter, my cat Zwiebel kept urinating in the flat […] I was psychologically at the end […] my assumption that it was because of my daughter was completely thrown out! We found out that it was due to another cat.
The next day everything was dry! […] And that for weeks! I am so happy, so glad, Zwiebel […] is satisfied, balanced and relaxed. And these three words also apply to me.
I can only recommend to anyone who has doubts about therapy: Try it!!! It’s worth it! You will see things differently and understand your cat much better! Things will definitely change for the better!

Best regards, Zwiebel and Anika

Anika with cat Zwiebel from Germany
Subject: Long-term urination outside litter box, cat psychology, cat behaviour

Thanks to the help of Mrs. Peimann, our difficult cat reunion was a success, which would certainly have failed without her.

… because I have become much more relaxed (and so has she) and understand many things better….

And the nights are quiet (light stays on downstairs and I ignored the meowing…)!!!!! And the trips into the garden are the highlight of the day for both of us :-)))….

Mrs G. with cat Blanca from Germany
Subject: Understanding cats better, cat psychology, cat behaviour

Hello Mrs Peimann, I wanted to tell you how Laila is doing. She hasn't attacked her tail for about 5 weeks.

The process was exactly as you described it. Sometimes good days, then worse days. But I think we have our “old” Laila back. She is balanced and cuddly again […]. Despite all the care and love, we would never have managed this without you. Once again our heartfelt thanks!
Best regards – also on behalf of Laila

Claudia Günther family from Germany
Subject: Cattail biting, cat psychology, cat behavior & animal/cat homeopathy

Thanks to the help of Mrs. Peimann, our difficult cat reunion was a success, which would certainly have failed without her.

Despite many years of cat ownership and the belief that we knew our cat inside out, there were many tips and tricks and also interpretations of cat behaviour which were still unknown to us.
But the most impressive thing was the homeopathic support, everything clicked into place and had an effect on the cats that amazed us.
Mrs Peimann did a really good job here!

Mrs. S. Weber and Mrs. S. Siemann from Germany
Subject: Cat reunification, cat psychology, cat behaviour & animal/cat homeopathy

Because cat partners and beloved cats are worth meeting consciously and mastering life together in love and harmony. With each other, at eye level.



You are ready for full commitment to your cats, in the weeks together you will give your all


Basic knowledge about cats and also cat experience is already available


The terms self-reflection and meditation mean something to you


Openness and willingness to look at your own inner issues and work with them

If this is the case, then my mentoring is just right for you.

For intensive weeks, up to 3 months!

I am completely with you and your cat: human and cat, live, personal, individual.

I followed the set path of my heart’s cats and know that every cat person will master all challenges with their cats and experience incredible inner growth of their own. With my five cats I went through a time of much inner work with myself, my own wishes and ideas and work with the cats. My many years of experience as a cat psychologist, cat behaviourist and animal homeopath have helped me a lot.

My way is also for you, because: unfold the inner growth and live the most harmonious and great relationship with your cat – that is the goal!

So: enter into the unfolding and awareness of the true essence of your partnership with your cat:

  • Personal and exclusive support
  • Live calls with exactly the relevant topics about your cat
  • Targeted tasks individually with and for your beloved cat
  • Accessibility on different channels, a close contact is essential for your development

Helping you is my calling.
Cats are simply fun!

Your Susanne Peimann