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a holistic healing method for cats – help even if your cat is considered “out of treatment”

Homeopathy for cats

Your cat is considered “out of treatment”? Your cat has a chronic disease? You want to give your cat less/no tablets? Your cat is fearful or aggressive? You want an alternative, holistic healing method and naturopathy for cats?

I would be happy to help your darling with homeopathy for cats!

I am a cat expert for cat homeopathy, cat behaviour and cat psychology. I now also make increased use of homeopathy for behavioural problems such as aggression and fears in cats.

Classical animal homeopathy supports the healing process of your beloved cat holistically in depth. If animal homeopathy is used correctly, the healing process occurs. The homeopathic remedies act as a kind of impuls, healing proceeds with the disease not against it and differs in some respects from conventional medicine.

If you care for cats homeopathically, it is essential to be familiar with the species cat. I am specialized in cats and have been working very successfully with them holistically for over 10 years. The focus of my work lies in chronic and psychological / mental diseases of the cat.

Especially with chronic diseases of your cat: allergy, renal insufficiency, chronic gingivitis, chronic diarrhoea in cats, also stomach problems in cats, cats and cancer, autoimmune diseases and age problems such as arthrosis and hyperthyroidism, diseases of the musculoskeletal system… and much more can be helped for your cat: Healing, palliation or even palliative.

Treating cats homeopathically means providing them with all-round care.
I am there for you and your cat, full of trust in the healing effect and with confidence.


Miracle cat

You would like to book me as an animal homeopath?

You have questions about animal homeopathy and would like to have your cats treated homeopathically?

Helping you is my calling.

Yours Susanne Peimann

Testimonials Katzenwege


Hello Mrs Peimann, I wanted to tell you how Laila is doing. She hasn't attacked her tail for about 5 weeks.

The process was exactly as you described it. Sometimes good days, then worse days. But I think we have our “old” Laila back. She is balanced and cuddly again […]. Despite all the care and love, we would never have managed this without you. Once again our heartfelt thanks!
Very best regards – also on behalf of Laila – Claudia Günther

Claudia Günther family from Germany
Subject: Cattail biting, cat psychology, cat behaviour and animal/cat homeopathy

Thanks to the help of Mrs. Peimann, our difficult cat reunion was a success, which would certainly have failed without her.

Despite many years of cat ownership and the belief that we knew our cat inside out, there were many tips and tricks and also interpretations of cat behaviour which were still unknown to us.
But the most impressive thing was the homeopathic support, everything clicked into place and had an effect on the cats that amazed us.
Mrs Peimann did a really good job here!

Mrs. S. Weber and Mrs. S. Siemann from Germany
Subject: Cat reunification, cat psychology, cat behaviour & animal/cat homeopathy

I am so unspeakably happy and grateful that after a veterinary odyssey - which remained unsuccessful - I came across Susanne on the internet.

Thanks to her, my cat Peppino has almost completely stopped chasing his tail. After an unbelievably difficult five months, I had almost given up hope that Peppino could be helped, but then the tide turned.
Through Susanne I finally felt taken seriously and due to her immense expertise, both in terms of cat psychology and homeopathy, the tail-chasing decreased more and more.
In addition, I also learned a lot about living together with my two male cats and I benefit from it every second.

Dear Susanne, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your very heartfelt support and I know that you are always there for us and I think that’s wonderful.

Pia Preker with Peppino from Aachen / Germany
Subject: Cattail biting, cat psychology, cat behaviour and animal/cat homeopathy

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